Akesson's - 100% Dark Chocolate Criollo, Madagascar

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Single origin 100% dark chocolate made from cocoa beans from the Akesson home plantation, in the Sambirano valley of the Ambaja district in Madagascar
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Made in: France

Beans origin: Sambirano, Ambanja, Madagascar

Type of beans: Criollo, heirloom cacao preservation

Tasting notes: subtle fruity-sweet tartness and pleasant flavor notes of citrus and red fruit

Awards: Silver medal - International Chocolate Awards - 2017
              Gold medal - Academy of chocolate awards - 2016
              Silver medal - International Chocolate Awards - 2016



"It is in Madagascar, at our family estates, that my journey through the fascinating world of cocoa, spices and other delicious natural wonders really started. There I have learned over the years the secrets and subtleties of managing and developing plantations. Ultimately, I focused on and specialized in fine cocoa and spices, whilst my consistent aim was to achieve the highest quality in a sustainable way."


Nutritional information and ingredients

Ingredients: Cocoa*, pure cocoa butter* (*Organic)

Weight: 60g

Vegan and organic product. May contain traces of gluten, egg, soy, milk, peanuts and other nuts.

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