Akesson's - Dark Chocolate 100% Criollo, Madagascar

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This chocolate bar made from 100% Criollo cocoa reveals a very expressive cocoa taste!
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Beans origin: Bejofo, Madagascar

Made in: London, United Kingdom

Tasting: Strong aroma of cocoa, subtle acidity and pleasant presence of red fruit notes

Specificities: Certified Organic

2017, Great Taste: GOLD 2 stars
2017, International Chocolate Awards, Best Bar Over 85%: SILVER
2016, Great Taste: GOLD 2 stars
2016, Academy of Chocolate: GOLD
2016, International Chocolate Awards, Best Bar Over 85%: SILVER
2015, Great Taste: GOLD 3 stars – selected in the top 50 Best Foods



Bertil Akesson a Franco-Swedish origin, is primarily a cocoa farmer. Having inherited his father's plantation in Madagascar, he decided to make every effort to produce the best cocoa in the region. On the strength of his success, he then sets out to conquer other continents where he creates other cocoa plantations: in Brazil, then in Bali. His superb chocolate bars are enriched with other ingredients that also grow in cocoa plantations: pepper, coffee or coconut.



Located in the Sambirano Valley in northwestern Madagascar, the Bertil Akessons estate covers approximately 2,000 ha. Since 1920, world-famous cocoas and aromas have been produced there. Besides 300 tons of Trinitario cocoa produced each year, a very limited quantity of Criollo cocoa (2 tons per year) is harvested separately to make this chocolate.


Nutritional information and ingredients:

Ingredients: 100% organic cocoa: organic cocoa beans, organic cocoa butter, emulsifier: non-GMO soy lecithin

Nutritional information for 100g: Energy value: 609,7Kcal, Fat: 55,57g, Saturated fat: 3,99 mg, Carbohydrates (of which sugar): 17,97g, Protein: 9,72g, Salt : 91,6 mg. 

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