Chapon - 75% Dark Chocolate, Venezuela - Porcelana

Single origin 74% dark chocolate bar made with cocoa beans from the Porcelana region of Venezuela
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Made in: France

Beans origin: Porcelana region, Venezuela

Type of beans: Porcelana, Criollo

Tasting notes: Fruity and floral notes.


"Patrice continues to explore the realms of childhood fantasy in search of all things delicious, keeping his inner child alive. And there’s plenty to choose from – his journeys take him to all four corners of the globe, from the lush forests of Brazil to the Millot or Sambirano plantations in Madagascar, where cocoa trees vie for glory with jasmine and tuberose."

Nutritional facts and ingredients:

Ingredients: Cocoa mass, bio cane sugar, cocoa butter

Weight: 75g

Vegan product

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