Dick Taylor - Dark chocolate 68% with Sightglass Expresso Coffee

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Collaboration between Dick Taylor, chocolate maker and Sightglass a coffee company. The chocolate was refine with a hefty dose of Owl's Howl espresso, creating a silky smooth and balanced chocolate bar.
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Weight 57g
Allergens May contain traces of nuts and milk.
Storage In a cool, dry place between 16 and 18 ° C.

Coffee beans origin: Belize, Madagascar, Guatemala

Made in: Eureka, California, USA



Former boat makers, Adam Dick and Dustin Taylor started making chocolate in a 500 sq. ft. space in Arcata, CA. Their chocolate business quickly evolved, and grew from their love and meticulous attention to detail. Besides being one of the most interesting in appearance with sharp letterpress packaging and an intricate, pretty mold, Dick Taylor also pushes the traditional methods of chocolate making to coax the maximum “pure” flavor they can from their beans and for their single origin chocolates. Most of the bars in this collection are made from only 2 ingredients. They have won multiple awards for their bars in few short years.


Ingredients: Cacao, organic cane sugar, cocoa butter and coffee beans.

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