Dick Taylor Vanilla Raspberry Dark chocolate 72%

57g Made in Eureka, California USA
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"Using our Good Food Award winning 72% Belize, Toledo dark chocolate we've dusted it with a mix of organic freeze-dried raspberries and organic vanilla coconut palm sugar to make a delightful berry bar for Valentine's Day.

The concept behind the vanilla raspberry was to create a blend of visual and flavor elements. First of all, the almost neon pink color of the freeze-dried raspberries is the first thing you notice and is a stunning visual accent to the deep rich color of the chocolate. Flavor wise, the raspberry fills a flavor space that is absent from chocolate. The tartness of the raspberry is a stark contrast to the ripe fruit flavors in the Belize dark chocolate. The small addition of the vanilla coconut palm sugar rounds out the aroma and gives it a slight sweetness. Overall, the bar is just fun to eat, an experience engaging all the senses.

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The wrapper has been designed and printed in-house on our letter press, including the hand carved raspberry and the hand lettering on front.

This bar won a 2017 Great Taste award!"



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