Fossa - 64% dark milk and Suji Aonori (Tokushima Collection)

64% dark milk chocolate bar made with streak green laver called Suji Aonori. Harvested during winter from the Yoshino River where river and sea water meets, it is widely considered the most fragrant green laver. With crunchy genmai.
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Made in: Singapore

Beans origin: Philippines

Tasting notes: Fruity milk chocolate layered with umami seaweed and toasty genmai


"We are in pursuit of making delicious chocolate that have greater depth, flavour clarity and intensity.  Our approach is to select only high quality, purposefully grown and prepared ingredients at their peak, then process them using a variety of traditional and modern techniques and equipment to express their flavour in chocolate"

Nutritional facts and ingredients:

Ingredients: Cacao, cane sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder, green laver, genmai (roasted brown rice)

Weight: 50g

Contains milk. Soy, Wheat and Gluten free product. All our products are made in a facility that also processes nuts and milk.

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