French Broad - 100% Dark chocolate

100% dark chocolate made from different origins of cacao beans. Certified B Corporation
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Made in: Asheville NC, USA

Tasting notes: Like a fresh shot of espresso, grape and lime


"We set out to create great chocolates that were inspired by Asheville’s cultural terroir. We share importation of cacao with other regional chocolate makers, we include ingredients from local producers in our chocolates and desserts, and support our local farmers every chance we get. We consider ourselves lifelong students, always looking to learn from our colleagues, our experiences, and our medium. We are committed to constant improvement, to never settle in. We’ll always roll up our sleeves and do the development work – that creativity is one of the most fulfilling parts of the job."

Nutritional facts and ingredients:

Ingredients: cacao

Weight: 60g

Vegan product

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