Marham & Fitz R&D - White chocolate + Strawberries

White chocolate with strawberries, like an ode to cheesecake and strawberries!
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Made in: Arkansas, US


"At Markham & Fitz, we celebrate people, creativity and craft. We honor the invisible woven network of people and plants that sustains our lives & livelihoods. We believe that truly good things take time, intention, and an unrelenting commitment to a more just world."

Nutritional facts and ingredients

Ingredients: Cocoa butter*, cane sugar*, milk powder, sunflower lecithin*, wild strawberries*, vanilla. (*Organic)

Weight: 57g

Vegan product. This product is gluten free, dairy free, soy free, nut free. All products are made in a facility that also processes nuts, wheat and dairy.

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