Marou - Spread Cacao / Cashew

For you sweet lovers out there: here is some pure deliciousness from the family-run cacao plant from Vietnam. Super fine cacao cashew spread in a beautiful can.
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Beans origin: Vietnam

Made in: Vietnam


Marou, Chocolate Makers, is the story of Samuel and Vincent, two French who decided to leave everything behind to settle in Vietnam. Why? The desire for change! Fed up with the daily train train. The two men meet at a camp in the jungle of Vietnam. Seeking a new life project, they come to think that cocoa may well grow in Vietnam, nobody really exploits it to its true value. They decide to buy a few kilos of cocoa beans, and after working the product with a gas oven, the result is already incredible, they knew they were holding something. The two friends then embark on the project to create a unique chocolate, a chocolate Made in Vietnam, chocolate Marou, an exceptional dark chocolate in the original packaging. Samuel and Vincent work with farmers all over Vietnam, taking care of cocoa production, together they organize the production and the harvest before the product is processed from the bean to the tablet by their team of locals.

Nutritional facts and ingredients:

Ingredients : Cane sugar, cocoa powder, cashew nut praliné (cashew nut, cane sugar), virgin coconut oil, sea salt. 

Weight : 250g

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