Millésime - Dark Chocolate Bar 75%, Cameroon

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This chocolate bar is different by the origin of its beans, Cameroon. From a unique terroir, this bar will make you travel! Harvest 2017.
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Weight 70g
Allergens May contain traces of nuts, gluten, milk and soy.
Storage in a cool, dry place between 16 and 18 ° C.

Beans origin: Haut- Penja, Cameroun

Made in: Liege, Belgium

Tasting: Mineral flavors



Millésime Chocolat is a bean-to-bar craft chocolate workshop located in Liège, Belgium, that works directly with cocoa beans. It is one of the few bean-to-bar workshops in Belgium.

Each of their chocolates is exclusive because it bears its vintage and comes from a specific terrain and area! As in the world of wine-making, their main aspiration is to promote natural produce, with flavours that change from one year to the next while keeping the basic characteristics of each region or country.



Terroir Haut Penja

Facing the ocean, these beans come from a rare region of Cameroon: Haut-Penja. The volcanic soil and the equatorial climate typical of the Penja region give this chocolate a unique fragrance. Its rarity and origin make it one of the most valuable cocoa in the world. This chocolate particularly highlights the mineral flavors of this terroir.


Nutrition facts and ingredients:

Ingredients: cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter.

Nutrition fact: Protein : 8,10g ; carbohydrate : 33,17g whose sugars : 25g ; fat : 44,17g whose saturated fat : 15g ; fiber : 8,10g

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