Naïve - Cacao Pulp

70% dark chocolate mixed with Jaguar chocolate, with pieces of freeze-dried cocoa pulp. Rich in antioxidants, the cocoa fruit pulp is slightly sweet with a touch of acidity reminiscent of champagne.
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Made in: Vilnius, Lithuania

Tasting notes: bright, fresh, lightly fruity meringue, tannic

Pairing: sparkling wine, fresh cheeses, tequila, rum


"Naive makes chocolate in ways that help to reveal the character of a particular cacao bean. The chocolate is finally born after a meticulous analysis of taste, colour, smell and texture. For some time already our products have put Lithuania on the foodie map as a rising star of gourmet chocolate in the world."

Nutritional facts and ingredients

Ingredients: white cacao (Jaguar), organic cane sugar, cacao butter, dried cacao pulp

Weight: 60g

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