Naive - Molecules 75% Dark chocolate, Mini

75% dark chocolate made in collaboration with scientists. For this chocolate, Naive found a way to preserve the abundant amounts of endorphins, antioxidants, trace minerals and vitamins naturally present in cocoa.
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Made in: Vilnius, Lithuania

Tasting notes: bright, sour, sweet, creamy


"Naive makes chocolate in ways that help to reveal the character of a particular cacao bean. The chocolate is finally born after a meticulous analysis of taste, colour, smell and texture. For some time already our products have put Lithuania on the foodie map as a rising star of gourmet chocolate in the world."

About this collection:

Molecules collection: "Molecules is the most innovative product Naive has ever created. They have been researching the chemical composition of cacao, finding it a great natural source for endocannabinoids, opiates and stimulants with the goal of altering brain chemistry and induce chocolate euphoria."

Nutritional facts and ingredients

Ingredients: Molecules purple cacao, erythritol*, cacao butter*

                     *Wild or all-natural farming

Weight: 20g

May contain traces of milk, wheat, tree nuts or peanuts. 

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