Orfève - 70% Dark Chocolate, Gran Blanco Alto Piura, Peru - Brut de noir

Single origin 75% dark chocolate, made from beans from the Alto Piura Valley in Peru. The Gran Blanco bean is a so-called white and sour bean, native to Peru and which is said to be one of the most noble varieties in the world.
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Made in: Geneva, Switzerland

Beans origin: Alto Piura valley, Peru

Type of beans: Gran Blanco

Tasting notes: sparkling and concentrated. Nice acidity with aromas of apricots, spices, sandalwood and cade

Recipe: Brut de noir, crispy recipe due to the sugar that has not melted into the chocolate. The recipe is not sweeter than the traditional one! Simply with texture.


"Like a great wine, we let the chocolate mature for at least two weeks in our cellar, so that it stabilizes and completes its crystallization. This maturation allows all the flavors to balance and blossom before the bars are packaged to leave our factory."

Nutritional facts and ingredients

Ingredients: shelled cocoa beans, whole cane sugar.

Weight: 70g

Vegan product. Free of nuts, gluten, soya and lactose.

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