Zotter - Dark Milk Chocolate 80% - 20%

A milk chocolate with an 80% cocoa content and 20% milk - entirely without sugar.
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A high-percentage milk chocolate for those who want to experience real cocoa power, unrestrained, without the distraction of sugar and therefor fewer calories and softened with only a little bit of milk. This chocolate is created, bean to bar, at our in-house factory, using supreme, organic fair trade cocoa, pure cocoa butter and mountain milk from Autria's Tyrol region.

Made in: Riegersburg, Austria

Specificities : Fair Trade and Organic

Tasting notes :intensely chocolate-y, notes of nougat and cream / nutty start, lightly salty, notes of nougat, roasted nuts, intense nougat waffle aroma, subtle notes of milk and fructose, milky-nutty finish.



Zotter is an Austrian bean to bar maker known for its experimental nature, wacky flavours and ethical approach to chocolate making. 

Ingredient :cocoa mass, full cram milk powder, cocoa butter, vanilla powder

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