Ice cream

La crème de nos créations, en version glacée!

Crème glacée 7 saveurs


Maïs Piment

Chuncho 70% dark chocolate ice cream, with grilled corn, chili and salt.

Chocolat noir intense 

Monarque Chocolates 100% dark chocolate ice cream from the Philippines.

Noisette et chocolat noir 

Hazelnut butter ice cream, made with Allo Simonne's Hazelnut & Dark Chocolate Spread.

Caramel et vanille 

Caramel and roasted vanilla ice cream with a swirl of our salted butter caramel. 

Chocolat au lait de coco et yuzu 

Vegan chocolate ice cream with coconut milk and candied yuzus from Quebec.


Flavor changing over the season. July: Dark milk 55% peanut butter ice cream with strawberries from Quebec.


Small size 120g: $ 6.75

Large 225g: $ 9.75


Our ice creams do not contain any stabilizers or preservatives. The production will be done at the beginning of each week.