Allo Simonne - Spread Hazelnuts & Jaguar Chocolate

Weight : 220g
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5 stars based on 2 reviews

30 Dec 2020
Adrian Marquez, Sommelier
NEXT LEVEL. I have had these a few times and every time I am amazed how good they are. This is what a chocolate spread is meant to be.
You'll never go back to that supermarket junk, and its vulgar palm oil. This is like learning all over again what chocolate can be.
The Jaguar chocolate doesnt even need much, as it is naturally super creamy and these guys really nailed the best grind and texture for it. Ive had people who tried it DEMAND to have more and are always astonished that a chocolate spread can be this good.
I'd wager my reputation on this product, it is world class, if not benchmark.

(I am not a bot, not paid to post, maker is a friend but the chocolate is truly world class and the world needs to know about it!)
28 Mar 2020
Mia lambert