Fjåk - 45% Milk chocolate & Brown cheese

45% milk chocolate with a crunch of Norwegian goat cheese from Undredal Stølsysteri & Nordic salt from North Sea Salt Works
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Made in: Hardanger, Norway

Beans origin: PISA, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Awards: Gold medal - International Chocolate Awards - European category - 2019 

              International Chocolate Awards 2019 European - Special Innovation Award             

              Silver medal - International Chocolate Awards - World category - 2019

              Great Taste Awards 2020 · 1 GOLDEN star

              Silver medal - Academy of Chocolate Awards 2020            


"Fjåk is the first bean to bar chocolate maker in Norway. We make organic, ethically traded, ‘bean to bar’ chocolate of the highest quality possible and add the finest natural ingredients from the Nordic nature. Our little factory is located in the Hardangerfjord in Norway from where we source our nordic ingredients. We make chocolate with love."

Nutritional facts and ingredients:

Ingredients: Cocoa beans*, unrefined cane sugar*, Dry milk* organic cocoa butter*, goat brown cheese and salt.(*Organic)

Weight: 53g 

Gluten free and organic product, contains milk. 

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