Goodnow Farms - Putnam Rye Whiskey - 77% Dark chocolat, Ecuador

Single origin 77% dark chocolate bar made with cocoa beans from the Salazar farm in Esmeraldas, Ecuador, with hand press cocoa butter from the same origin. Infused in Boston Harbor Distillery’s “Putnam Rye Whiskey”
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Made in: Sudbury, MA, USA

Beans origin: Esmeraldas, Ecuador

Tasting notes: Berry jam, raisins, baked apple, spiced pear and vanilla

Awards: Gold medal - Academy of chocolate - 2022

              Silver medal - International chocolate awards - 2020-2021


"All of our chocolate is made at our 225 year old farm in Sudbury, Massachusetts.   We start with cacao beans and sugar, and perform every step of the chocolate making process in-house, including carefully hand wrapping each bar.  We’re also one of the only chocolate makers to use our own freshly pressed, single origin cocoa butter in our chocolate.  Doing this is time consuming and difficult, but the result is exceptionally smooth and intensely flavorful chocolate."

Nutritional facts and ingredients:

Ingredients: Cacao Beans, Organic Sugar, Single Origin Cocoa Butter (Esmeraldas), Rye Whiskey

Weight: 55g

Vegan product, soya and gluten free

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