Pump Street - Rye Crumb, Milk & Sea Salt 60%

Single origin 60% milk chocolate, made with cocoa beans from the Hacienda Limon farm in Ecuador. From their Bakery collection, Pump Street has added crumbs from their 100% rye loaf and a pinch of sea salt to this chocolate
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Made in: Suffolk, England

Beans origin: Hacienda Limon farm, Guantupi River, Ecuador  

Tasting notes: mellow creaminess showing off the nuttiness and acidity of the rye grain.


"Pump Street is an award-winning bakery in the village of Orford on Suffolk’s Heritage Coast. After mastering naturally-leavened bread, we ventured into making chocolate from beans we import directly from single estates and cooperatives around the world."

Nutritional facts and ingredients

Ingredients: cocoa beans, organic cocoa butter, cane sugar, milk powder, breadcrumbs (wheat & Rye flour, natural sourdough starter, sea salt), sea salt.

Weight: 70g

Contains dairy. May contain milk, cereals containing gluten, eggs, nuts and sesame seeds.

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