Les Solides - Sphere PISTACHIO, maple & 65% dark maple chocolate - 160g

With its intense maple pistachio centre, our sphere is the balance point between gourmet and elegance. It is made with 65% maple dark chocolate to which we have added a pistachio and maple praline.
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Les Solides collection was designed to push the boundaries of chocolate making. How to create even more moments of sharing around chocolate? Les Solides can be cut, sliced, tasted, with family or amongst friends. And if you're alone don't worry, they keep very well in their box without drying out! The simplicity of the ingredients will surprise you with every bite, and will only increase the pleasure of sharing. 

Made in Montréal by État de choc

Origin of ingredients 

Beans origin: Kablon, Philippines

Craft chocolate maker: Chocolats Monarque

Origin of salt: Sel Saint-Laurent

Origin of maple: Domane des 15 lots

Nutritional facts and ingredients

Ingredients: 65% dark chocolate with maple (cocoa beans from, maple sugar, cocoa butter), organic pistachios, maple syrup, sea salt.

Weight: 160g

Vegan product, contains pistachios. May contain traces of tree nuts, gluten, egg, peanut, soya, milk and sesame seed.


Les Solides are available for pick up in store only. Not available for delivery.

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